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BESTORQ® Power Transmission Belts

Main office and main distribution center:
6955 McCormick Drive
Lincoln, NE 68507

Other distribution centers are in Rancho Cucamonga, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Salt Lake City, UT; Memphis, TN; Dayton, OH; and Houston, TX

Contact Bestorq at:
e-mail: orders@bestorq.com
Phone (Toll Free): 1-877-773-9966

Bestorq provides energy saving and extreme long life power transmission belts. Bestorq has highest quality, best customer service, and best delivery. The Bestorq history is as a high quality manufacturer of power transmission belts in non-HVAC channels. This made it natural to expand this great success into the air handling marketplace. Bestorq offers great wages, great benefits and great opportunities, finding and retaining the highest quality employees.

We have enjoyed great success. We have, since 2019, manufactured all cogged belts in the USA and all wrapped non-cogged belts in Indonesia. V-belts is the main business and manufactured product of the company. The company was founded in 2004 and has enjoyed a very successful rate of growth since that time. We are now one of the largest V-belt manufacturers in the world.

The factories are ISO9000 / 9001 certified. The factories have an excellent and clean atmosphere, with extremely high quality and delivery standards. Selective high quality machinery technology is being used to provide extremely high ongoing belt quality and durability. All ongoing dynamic testing and design is done in the USA. This is to ensure the levels of quality and durability are to those expected of the best USA manufacturers. Bestorq belts continue to test out excellent.

At Bestorq, we've found the networking opportunities provided by NAFA to be truly exceptional. Engaging with industry peers and experts has not only expanded our professional network but has also fostered valuable collaborations. NAFA's networking platform has undoubtedly enhanced our industry presence and contributed to our growth trajectory.

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Product Application Advisory! Do not use Bestorq products on aircraft propeller or rotor drive systems or in-flight accessory drives or man lift elevators or man lifts. Bestorq products are not designed or intended for such use.